Meeting at a local art gallery for out latest community project.
We want to help people gain valuable experience working on community film projects.

In North East Wales where we are based, it can be incredibly difficult for anyone to get a start working in film. This is why we started 73 Degree Community.

The students that Robert worked with and mentored were ecstatic with the final product. We are also extremely pleased and would love to work with him and 73 Degree Films again in the future if the opportunity presents itself - Glyndwr University

We allow those interested in work both behind and in front of the camera to gain invaluable on-set experience.

At the same time, we allow professionals to donate their time to our projects and give back.

This unique mix of professionals and passionate leaners has already led to some incredible work being created. Our most recent series, ‘People in Places’ is a shining example of this.